Project Planning

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Consistent communication and exceeded expectations are essential to your satisfaction and the success of your project. From the initial planning meeting to the shipment of your order, we at International Iron Works will partner with you to ensure that you know the exact product you will be receiving, what it will cost, and when it will arrive. We know that surprises are frustrating when completing a project which is why we are fcommitted to communicating with you each step of the way and why we are confident that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

What does the process look like when you work with International Iron Works?

Typically, our product development, construction, and delivery take place along these lines…

Initial Project Discussion

An International Iron Works representative will discuss with you each detail of your project in order to understand clearly your needs, desires and special design. We will suggest ways to increase the efficiency of your design and add to your project’s success.

Rough Design Concept and Order Specifications

You will submit to us a rough line drawing showing the general features that you desire to have incorporated into your project. An International Iron Works project engineer will then take your line drawing and create a manufacturing profile and deliver to you an accurate bid. The more detailed the drawing submitted, the more accurate the bid will be.

Design and Specifications Review

An International Iron Works engineer will then take all drawings and technical specifications for your project and review them for structural soundness. If any modifications are needed, that will be communicated to you, for your satisfaction and safety are our goals.

Finalization of Design and Specifications

After the basic drawings and specifications have been approved, specific technical drawings and specifications will need to be submitted. If you do not have a project engineer, an International Iron Works representative will assist you in creating these.


After the specific technical drawings and specifications have been submitted, we will deliver to you our estimate for your project.

Production Schedule

We will provide you with a specific, detailed production schedule. Throughout the process of manufacturing we will keep you apprised of your project’s status. The length of time needed to manufacture your project will depend upon the nature of your order.

Manufacturing Completed and Order Shipped

We will let you know when you project has been completed, and when you can expect its arrival.

By choosing International Iron Works, not only will you receive the benefits of our proven project management system, but you will also receive a truly custom product. From unique angles and twists to intricate logos and designs, if you can dream it, we can build it – in any shape, in any size.